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Safer Communities Initiative



This year, Burnett Youth Learning Centre (BYLC) received funding support as part of the Australian Government’s Safer Communities initiative. The Safer BYLC Community Project received grant funding from the Australian Government which allowed BYLC to purchase 12 CCTV cameras and an updated telephone system with duress capabilities. These purchases were made to ensure ongoing community safety, asset protection and crime prevention.

This project was developed to make our community feel safer. The use of cameras and the telephone system aimed to address and minimise crime and anti-social behaviours as well as protect our community against risk of attack, harassment or violence.

The project was completed earlier this year by local company, Questryl. CCTV cameras were placed around buildings and inside higher risk workshop spaces. All staff are now also equipped with our new telephone system which allows for duress alerts to be sent as well as public announcement notices to be spread in the event of an emergency, lockdown or evacuation requirement.

The opportunity given to us by the Commonwealth Government has been beneficial to our community in making us all feel safer, protect our assets and prevent crime. Given the events of COVID we are yet to see the true benefits of our purchase however, so far, the new systems seem successful in creating a safer community here at BYLC, for which we are all grateful.

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