Parents & Carers,


This last term at BYLC, we aim to finish the year well!  For our Year 12s, we will be celebrating their final one with us!


We are conscious that everything we do at school answers five basic questions:

1️⃣Do I belong?

2️⃣Am I safe?

3️⃣Can I do this?

4️⃣Do I matter?

5️⃣Am I enough?



Teenagers ALL ask these five questions regularly and frequently in many different ways.


Likewise, ALL parents, carers and school staff answer these questions, whether they realise it or not.


We make the greatest difference in our young people's lives when we are intentional about our answers.


This last term, we aim for ALL of our students to be SHOWN, TOLD, TOLD AGAIN, SHOWN AGAIN etc.... [ you know, just in case :-) ] 

that the answer to each question is YES!

1️⃣YES, they do belong.

2️⃣YES, they are safe.

3️⃣YES, they can do this.

4️⃣YES, they do matter.

5️⃣YES, they are enough.

We appreciate and value your partnership in this process as we finish off the year.

The BYLC Team.

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