The Week Ahead for BYLC Students

(18 May – 22 May)


As the restrictions, guidelines and advice has been changing quite regularly over the last 5 weeks, so have our plans to return our students to onsite learning. Given this uncertainty, we plan to release each step of our planned return of students to our community on a weekly basis.


The second step of our plan is to provide transport for our most vulnerable students to attend for supervision every day of the week and all senior students to attend twice per week for timetabled classes. The timetable will consist of Maths, English, Personal Development and Woodwork. All other subjects will be on Moodle and accessed from home.


The parents of all senior students and vulnerable junior students will receive a text message on Friday displaying what days their child has been timetabled for. There is no availability for supervision of junior students next week. If your circumstances change and you would like your child to attend on a day they are not currently timetabled, you will need to prearrange this with the office at least 1 day in advance. Any unscheduled students will be turned away to ensure we have enough staff onsite to provide supervision for the timetabled subjects.


As we plan to increase the numbers of students onsite each week, we have had to increase safety measures to ensure all staff and students are safe. Whilst the majority of these are onsite practices, there are four new conditions that all students must adhere to:

  • No spitting while on school premise or in school transport (immediate suspension)

  • No student is to sit within the first 2 passenger rows of any school bus (social distancing for driver)

  • Until our contactless thermometers arrive, bus windows are to remain open (wearing a jacket on the bus is advisable)

  • Although social distancing may not apply to all students, our policy is that students are not to make physical contact with any other student. For example, holding hands, wrestling, etc



If you have any questions, please contact the school office for more information.



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