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27 September 2023




Dear Parents and Carers


Term 4 Update and Date Claimers


Term 4 is a special time in our academic calendar, representing the culmination of the hard work, dedication, and resilience demonstrated by both our students and their families throughout the school year. As we return to school next week, Tuesday 3 October (Monday is a Public Holiday), please be advised of the following:

  • Welcome to Ben Mudie (teacher) and Adrian Crush (property manager) who join us with extensive experience in their respective fields of work.


  • In response to changes in legislation and guidelines for Queensland schools, a revision of the Alcohol, Tobacco and Illegal Substances Policy has been undertaken toward the end of last term for implementation from the first day of this term. This policy is available on our school website and can be accessed by this link

BYLC Alcohol, Tobacco and Illegal Substances Policy

  • We will be implementing a zero tolerance response to all substances being brought to/from school or consumed at school, for example, but not limited to alcohol, tobacco and related substances and devices (such as vapes), or any illegal substances. Due to the uncertainty regarding the potential inclusion of undisclosed ingredients or substances, we kindly request that no personal food or drinks be brought onto the buses or brought to school. We appreciate that this may be met with some resistance within our community, but any student who possesses or is suspected to use any substance listed in the policy document will be issued with a minimum of 1 day suspension. This tightening of consequences is now in alignment with current legislation. We endeavour to support students whose current lifestyle choices include the use of prohibited substances; however, we must also ensure we comply with the law while students are at school.


  • Date Claimers:

    • Graduation Dinner for Year 12 students and their families - Tuesday 14 November - $37.50 per person, please pay as soon as possible in order to finalise catering.

    • Awards Day and last day for Year 12 is the 17 November and will be held at the Bundaberg Bible Church, from 9am – 11am approximately. All Year 12 students must be at Awards Day in order to graduate. More information will be issued closer to the time. An RSVP is helpful for resourcing and catering on the day, so please do notify the office if you and other family members are intending to attend in addition to your child.



  • Last day of school for all students in Years 7-11 is Friday 24 November. A program of alternative activities and vocational training experiences will be available during this final week of school. If, however, you know you will be away during this week, please notify the office as soon as possible to ensure logistics for bus transport are accurate.


  • Year 12 students

    • Graduation Transition Program – commences on Monday 30 October – more information will be forwarded to Year 12 parents within the first 2 weeks of term.

    • MyQCE - once you have graduated, you will not be able to access your Senior Education Profile, Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement or Queensland Certificate of Education through the school – you must have your MyQCE account active before you graduate. We will be assisting Year 12 students in this process during the Graduation Transition Program.


  • Years 7-11 students

    • Years 7-11 subject preferences and Years 9-11 VET course applications for 2024 will be collected during the course of Term 4. If your child is thinking about enrolling in a VET course, please encourage them to chat to their trainer now to begin making this decision. 


  • Contact details: If you have intentions of moving on to new adventures next year or have a change in personal circumstances, please remember to update the office with these details.


We look forward to a fabulous term and closure to the 2023 school year. Should you have any questions regarding the content of this letter, please email or call the office (Ph: 4159 7579).


Kind regards



Jenny Lang


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