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2023 Welcome

18th January 2023


To all parents and carers of BYLC students


Happy New Year to one and all. We hope you’ve had some rest and refreshing over the break, and are looking forward to beginning the new school year on Monday 23rd January 2023.

This is a reminder for you of some of our student policies that we will enforce, and some information regarding some changes.

Minor changes and updates:

  • We are no longer using the SchoolStream program for notifications, so for any absences or other notification requirements, please phone the office on 4159 7579, or alternatively send a text message to the office mobile on 0490 779 281. Any regular absence must be discussed with the Assistant Principal or Principal. It is expected that all students will be aiming for a 75% attendance rate from the commencement of the school year in order to maintain their enrolment for 2023.

  • Due to considerable changes to our student lists, there will, of necessity, be changes to bus timetables. These will be notified as soon as possible, and prior to Monday 23rd January.

  • If you have a need to notify a bus driver of a change in plans to routine pick up this will need to occur through our Parent Liaison Officer (Leanne) by 7am. The office is attended from 8am. Bus drivers will not be turning around to collect a student who misses the bus. Please encourage your child to ready for the bus and tracking it on the TransportMe app.

  • Please check our website calendar for forthcoming events throughout the year. We are hoping to keep this up to date with events like our term Coffee n Chat days, Rec Days and so forth. This is the link to the calendar:

  • The Student and Parent Handbook has been updated. If you would like a full copy of this handbook, please call the office to request one. Aspects of the Handbook which have changed will be discussed with the students when school returns; however, the key not-negotiable policies and procedures for consideration are highlighted below.

  • Points system has been simplified but still a key contributor to whether students are invited to attend Reward Days each term and bank for ‘Shop’. In order to increase points, students must be at school – please encourage good attendance to maximise outcomes.

  • All staff are Connect Coaches and will have the privilege of providing pastoral care support to a small group of students. They will likely be in contact with you to partner with you in encouraging participation and engagement from students.



Enforceable Policies and Procedures:

  • BOOTS: Students MUST have reinforced toe footwear (steel caps/safety boots) on, before hopping on the bus. Our bus drivers are instructed not to pick up any students without boots on. If there’s a major problem with boots for your student, please phone the office to discuss the matter.

  • APPROPRIATE CLOTHING: Students will be asked to change clothing or a parent/carer called if inappropriate clothing is worn to school. Shirts must have sleeves and cover the torso; no revealing attire and no inappropriate language or references printed on clothing. Bags are not an accessory and are not necessary. Please do not bring a bag to school.

  • SMOKING & VAPING: Smoking and vaping will NOT be permitted onsite, at all. The neighbouring property has been sold and there is no longer an offsite smoking area. Any students found smoking or vaping on school property will incur an immediate suspension. BYLC is legally required to ensure the school site remains a smoke and vape free site, as per the following:


Queensland's smoking laws are governed by the:


A note for Schools and therefore, important information for parents/carers and students to know:

Smoking is banned at all Queensland state and non-state schools (school facilities), and for 5 metres beyond their boundaries.

The law applies at all times during and after school hours, on weekends and during school holidays. It includes the use of all smoking products, including electronic cigarettes.


  • All students will receive documents to take home on Monday (or day they return to school) for your attention and return – please remind your student to pass them on to you. These are:

High Risk Activity Consent – for participation in practical subject areas like Metalwork, Woodwork, Auto, Ag and Hospitality. Please read this carefully and notify the school either by email, phone or in person.


Bus Code of Conduct Acceptance – see below for details and again, please read this carefully and notify the school either by email, phone or in person.


  • BUS CONDUCT: In order to maintain travel permissions on the school bus, students will need to adhere to the Bus Code of Conduct.  Any breach of the Bus Code of Conduct, Paul (Transport Coordinator) will be informed and may suspend your child from bus travel and recommend suspension from school if the behaviour warrants it. Either the Assistant Principal or Principal will follow up on these recommendations and liaise with you during the review of the incident. Safe bus travel for all is of critical importance.  

  • PARENT/CARER CONTACT: As a condition of enrolment, parents and carers MUST be contactable and responsive to communication. If any contact details have changed, please advise the office this week. This includes, phone, address, email or significant others in the life of the student.


We welcome your ongoing commitment to BYLC and look forward to working with you in 2023.

Kind regards




Jenny Lang


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