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12th April 2023                                                                 


Term 2 Update


Dear BYLC Families


On behalf of the staff at BYLC, I trust you have had a fabulous Easter and eagerly await the start of Term 2, on Monday 17 April.

As we welcome you back after the holidays, there are some important points to note:

  • Staff Update: Chris Mason (Maso) and Nerine Simpson will be stepping into roles as Senior School Coordinator (years 10-12) and Middle School Coordinator (years 7-9) respectively. As part of their role, you may receive phone calls or text messages regarding student behaviour and consequences, as well as commendation for jobs well done. Caleb Crush has finished his contract and has moved on. We welcome Megan Wilson to the team in school operations. 


  • Key Dates (visit school website for calendar or click here)

    • 17 April: First Day of Term 2

    • 18 April: Rec Day

    • 25 April: ANZAC Public Holiday

    • 1 May: Labour Day Public Holiday

    • 16 May: Coffee & Chat (3:30pm – 5:00pm) AND Parent Information session to follow (Live Vaping Webinar hosted by NotEvenOnce commencing at 5:00pm)

    • 1 June: Bundaberg Show Holiday (not 25 May as previously advised)

    • 2 June: Rec Day

    • 16 June: Shop Day

    • 22 June: Reward Day and last day of Term 2

    • 23 June: Student Free Day – no school and no bus transport


  • Student Learning Plans (SLP): During the course of Term 1, students worked together with  Connect Coaches and other support staff as required to develop their 2023 SLP. This plan identifies goals for the year (personal, learning, and career) and strategies to assist students to improve their engagement and participation in the curriculum. Copies of your child’s SLP will be available at Coffee & Chat for your review and input. If you would like a copy emailed to you, please notify the office.


  • Smoking/Vaping: A large percentage of students at BYLC have identified they need help with managing their smoking and vaping habits, particularly given that smoking on school grounds and bus transport is illegal. This is a real credit to them and we appreciate their honesty and commitment to make positive change. From the Student-Parent Handbook, smoking and/or vaping on school grounds will result in a warning on the first occasion, then a suspension, and suspension from bus travel if smoking/vaping on school buses. These notifications will be issued via text and/or phone. If your child smokes and/or vapes, please encourage them to not bring these substances to school and avoid negative consequences. Even though we cannot condone students using these substances at school/on buses, we will, however, continue to support them in their quest to reduce their reliance on these substances. Where your child has identified a goal to reduce or quit using substances, Matt will be in contact with you to build the support plan to effect positive change. We look forward to working with you in this proactive journey to better health and wellbeing.


  • Vaping Webinar: Even if your child does not vape, I would highly recommend that all parents/carers attend this event to be armed with research-based information to support your child’s health and wellbeing. Matt has organised this event to coincide with Coffee & Chat in an effort for us to work in partnership with you to reduce the incidence of smoking/vaping in our young people, and seek to improve our young people’s overall health and wellbeing.  


  • Coffee & Chat: To facilitate time for the Vaping Webinar, this Coffee & Chat will finish at 5:00pm with that being the commencement time for the webinar – hope to see you there – should be an informative evening.



Kind regards




Jenny Lang


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